Wall Street Journal: Classic Rock Is Now A Young Band’s Game



Greta Van Fleet’s rise to stardom started when tour manager Mike Barbee discovered them at a cookout in Frankenmuth in September 2012. He courted the Kiszka boys’ parents for months. As his charges gained local notoriety, he reluctantly agreed to hand them to a more experienced manager— Aaron Frank, whose family runs a major U.S. concert promotion company—a move that led to WME’s Mr. Geiger and eventually, Mr. Flom.

For Mr. Flom, who signed ‘80s rock bands like Zebra, Twisted Sister and Skid Row, Greta Van Fleet represents a return to his rock roots. Mr. Flom took Greta Van Fleet’s song “Highway Tune” to David Dorn, senior director of Apple Music, who helped it onto the streaming services’ playlists, where the song immediately gained traction. In April, Apple Music named Greta Van Fleet a “new artist of the week.”

“I’ve known Jason for a long time. He’s someone with a proven record,” Mr. Dorn says.

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