Questlove Supreme Podcast

Music industry exec and activist Jason Flom talks about the couplet that got him fired from Atlantic, signing monster acts like Twisted Sister, Kid Rock and Lourde (to name a few) and everything you need to know if you ever come up against the United States justice system.

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Go to @QLS. You don’t know Jason Flom (@itsjasonflom) but you should. Yeah, he’s prolly one of the greatest A&R cats in the modern music era. Under the tutelage of the great #AhmetEurtegun as a TEEN he signed #TwistedSister & soon under his mentor #DougMorris he signed #GreatWhite & #StoneTemplePilots & #ToriAmos to @atlanticrecords. We can’t forget that he led #Jewel & #HootieAndTheBlowfish & #CollectiveSoul to the promise land too. —Wait did I forget that under his @lavarecordsofficial label he signed @KidRock & @MatchboxTwenty & #SugarRay & #TheCorrs? Butbutbutbutwaititgets crazier: he signed #HayleyWilliams & @paramore when she was 14!….but then he moves to @capitolrecords & guides @LennyKravitz & #RollingStones as well. Oh—I forgot! he also signed some unknown singer named @KatyPerry—-I mean at this rate it’s overkill: all of his artists become superstars: @30SecondsToMars heard of them? @corinnebaileyrae anyone? How about @lilyallen? Ok one more!!! @JessieJ!!! He signed her too, so we talking about what, 400 million units? But peep!! His success in music is NOT WHY HE IS ON #QuestloveSupreme—- His most important contribution to our society is——oh wait he discovered @LordeMusic too 😂😂😂😂—-i know ridiculous right?what separates him from ANY exec I’ve known?: his @WrongfulConviction podcast is one of the most important political podcasts out there. Since 2000 he has used his power and resources to help overturn wrongful convictions of people who have served DECADES for crimes they didn’t commit. As a boardmember of the @innocenceproject he is putting his money where his mouth is and step by step and bit by bit he is bringing attention to this unfair and biased system. Wait wait I forgot to also mention he signed—-

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