Mashable: Meet the Millionaire Music Executive Helping the Wrongfully Convicted

Legendary music executive Jason Flom has led a double life for the past two decades.

In one, he discovers multi-platinum artists like Katy Perry and Lorde. In another, he helps everyday people like Steven Lennon — and changes their lives by freeing them from prison.

“Serendipity is a big part of my story,” he says. “And synchronicity.”

In 1993, Flom happened to pick up a copy of the New York Post (The Times was sold out) and read a story that would lead him to become an “obsessive advocate” for first offenders — and for people imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit at all.

“The headline was something like, ‘Cuomo Denies Ferraro Bid for Drug Dealer Parole’ or something like that,” Flom tells me. “And I was like, wow, this story has two things that fascinate me — drugs and prison. Perfect, right?”


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