Billboard: Music Exec Jason Flom Helps Former Prisoners Expose Unjust Cases in ‘Wrongful Conviction’ Podcast

April 8, 1989, is a date Raymond Santana will never forget.

Santana is among the countless individuals who have been wrongfully convicted in the American judicial system. To help these individuals uncover the truth behind these cases, music industry vet Jason Flom launched a podcast titled Wrongful Conviction, which premiered Oct. 3 on iTunes, that gives former prisoners the opportunity to tell their stories.

Flom has spent years behind the desk at major music companies likes Republic Records, Atlantic Records and his current stint as co-founder and CEO of Lava Records. Channeling his talents into advocacy, his latest project takes him from behind the desk and into the shoes of many people who have served time in prison for a crime they did not commit. The first podcast episode featured Raymond Santana, who was charged of allegedly raping and assaulting a 29-year-old jogger along with his four other friends. Santana was just 14 when he was convicted and spent 12 years behind bars before DNA surfaced, exonerating him and his friends of all charges.